"Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take,
but by the moments that take our breath awa

Maya Angelou

As passionate storytellers, image makers and adventure seekers, our team at LawtonMiles has been incredibly fortunate to create work in some of the most beautiful places on earth. There is nothing we love more than immersing ourselves in an environment in order to craft compelling content that captivates audiences. We absolutely love working in the luxury Real Estate space as it allows us to truly showcase what we do best.  The work below represents a wide variety of styles and approaches that we have used in collaborations with some our Real Estate clients. In all of our work, we are involved very early in the process, from concept development, all the way through to execution and delivery. We are highly collaborative and love to develop work that supports a greater marketing strategy in order to generate results.


Ocean park - "a special place"

A unique take on the Real Estate testimonial. For this series we conducted audio only interviews with home owners and then developed visuals to support their narrative.

christophe harbour - "volcano hike"

Get lost in the moment. This piece documents a magical hike all the way up to Mount Liamuiga in St Kitts. Along the way, our guide serenaded us on a musical tree.

charleston area cvb - "tidal rhythm"

When the CVB tasks you with tapping into the core of what it is that makes Charleston so special, you have to dig deep.

kiawah island - "pga championship"

When Kiawah Island hosted the PGA Championship at the Ocean Course, it was quite a significant moment. 

lennar homes - "belle harbor"

What does your act two look like? For this piece we wanted to showcase what life can be like for those families who choose to retire to coastal South Carolina and still be very active.

ocean park - "angel oak dreams"

We love this story describing how these homeowners fell in love with the trees around them. 

Christophe harbour - "pavilion fly through"

Sometimes it only takes one shot. This piece features our drone flying through a gorgeous amenity which literally transforms you into another time and space.

Cabin bluff - "Cumberland river retreat"

We don't like to play favorites but...Cabin Bluff in Georgia is near the top of our list. Frozen in time in such a good way. 

amelia island - "the sprouting project"

We all know and love the farm to table concept. At Amelia island, this chef brought the whole farm to the restraunt.

lennar homes - "stonoview"

Lennar Homes has a wide variety of family home offering in the Charleston area. In this regional overview we wanted to show how the Lowcountry lifestlye blends seemlessly with a new family home.